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Leap Year

Leap Year

Legalizing same-sex marriage will not only grant equal rights to gay and lesbian citizens, it will also have an added bonus—breaking the tradition that men propose to women. Before that happens, especially if you are not gay, the only time for a woman to pop that big question is on February 29 in a leap year, according to an Irish legend described in a cute comedy "Leap Year" (USA 2010 | 97 min.). No matter how much you disbelieve the predictable plot, the film lightens your heart by flashing Hallmark Cards that charming Amy Adams and Matthew Goode appear in every one of them, with the magnificent landscape of Ireland as the backdrop.

Anna (Amy Adams) is a confident and in-control stager, who is expecting her boyfriend of four years to propose to her. When he fails to do so, she decides to go to Dublin and to propose to him on the leap day instead. On her bumpy journey to Dublin, she meets a handsome bar tender Declan (Matthew Goode) who agrees to take her to Dublin, with a price. After numerous arguments and mishaps, Declan and Anna finally arrive Dublin, but her life has been forever changed.

Even Anna and Declan are strangers who are mean to each other at first, it is quite obvious that they are meant to be the true romantic couple in the film, despite the fact that Anna has a long time boyfriend. After Anna and Declan meet, these two characters are perfectly presented at the center of almost every scene in the film. No matter day or night, Anna and Declan always show up together at the perfect spot in front of the breathtaking landscape. Each frame looks like a postcard from the Ireland's Tourisum Bureau or a centerfold in a fashion magazine. When they speak, it sounds like they are reading Hallmark Cards from time to time (remember what the bride stands up and says at her wedding?).

Amy Adams stars as Anna and Matthew Goode stars as Declan in Universal Pictures' Leap Year (2010)

They are simply beautiful to look at, which make the audience to forgive the unconvincing transactions of the story line as well as characters' change of hearts. How can anybody want do doubt such a charming fairy tale? How can anybody not to wish them to be together forever, before they meet a more beautiful and charismatic person?

However, once the same-sex marriage becomes legal, this type of fairy tales will no longer exist, not even once every four years on a leap day. By that time, everybody can propose to anybody, regardless of gender, and Hallmark will sell more cards. The downside is that Anna will never be able to meet Declan, unless she gets a postcard she made for Ireland's Tourisum Bureau and decides to take a road trip.

"Leap Year" opens on Friday, January 8, 2010 at Bay Area theaters.

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