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Gaysian Shorts at Frameline34

The 34th San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival

As I mentioned in Gaysian Features at Frameline34, there are a few excellent short films to satisfy your rice craving. Here is my overview of the gay Asian shorts at Frameline34.

As usual, film images or film tiles are linked to the Frameline34 that contains the showtime, venue and ticket information.

  • Just Friends? (친구 사이? | South Korean 2009 | in Korean | 30 min.)

    The only Korean film at this year's festival is the tender, sweet, and delightful "Just Friends?" about two young men who are deeply in love. When one serves in the military, the other one packs home baked goodies and pays a visit. Even the director claims to be portraying the true gay life in Korea, it looks more a fantasy. Otherwise, Frameline might just be moving to Korea soon because people will flock to Korea to experience the gay utopia.

    Just Friends?

    "Just Friends?" is part of the shorts program "Worldly Affairs" and its sweetness makes you forgive other shorts in case they are not in your cup of tea.

  • The Golden Pin (Canada 2009 | 15 min.)

    The handsome Long feels the family pressure to marry because he is the only boy left in his family line after his parents escaped from Vietnam to Canada decades ago. That means he has to cut off the love fair with his swimming teammate Ryan. Torn between the family obligation and love, he has to make a decision that echoes his mom's golden pin story.

    The Golden Pin

    "The Golden Pin" is the title short film in the wonderful shorts program "The Golden Pin."

  • Peking Turkey (Canada 2006 | 12 min.)

    It is Christmas. Chris brings his white husband Pierre to home to meet with his Chinese parents and his brother Simon. They will announce their marriage over this Chinese household's dining table with a Peking duck and plenty hilarious conversation. "Peking Turkey" is a perfectly crafted comedy. Both Henry Mah (playing Chris's dad) and Anthony Shim (playing Chris's brother Simon) will stay with your memory long after the dinner is over, and Anthony Shim steals the scene every time he gives a punchy one-liner.

    Peking Turkey

    "Peking Turkey" is also part of the shorts program "The Golden Pin."

  • Ajumma! Are You Krazy??? (USA 2009 | 26 min.)

    In case you missed this Hawaii flavored comedy "Ajumma! Are You Krazy???" at SFIAAFF a few months ago, Frameline34 offers you another chance to experience the frenzy over a Korean heartthrob's visit to Hawaii.

    Three middle-aged women are superfans of a Korean pop star Michael Park (Michael Hsia). After they learn that Michael is coming to Hawaii for a music video production, they try everything to access their idol, despite the fierce competition from some young girls who also fancy him. After this old-school comic short, which could have been made shorter, you might also compete with these ladies. Who knows?

    Michael Hsia in Ajumma! Are You Krazy

    "Ajumma! Are You Krazy???" is the title short film in the shorts program "Are You Krazy?" that contains the funniest short film I have seen so far at Frameline34—"Chico's Angels: 24ish."

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