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Buried In a remarkable film about the First Lebanon War, "Lebanon," most scenes are inside a dark tank. What even more remarkable in Spanish director Rodrigo Cortés's gripping new film "Buried" (Spain 2010 | 95 min.) is that everything happens inside a coffin, buried underground. But this film is about a different war—the current Iraq War.

Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) if a civilian truck driver working in Iraq when he is ambushed. When he wakes up from the attack, he finds himself is buried in a coffin.

If you are lucky, and certainly you are compared to Paul, this should be all you have heard about the story. Keep it that way before you experience the unforgettable ride led by Ryan Reynolds's amazing performance.

Ryan Reynolds's extraordinary performance deserves a nod from the Academy Award. He intelligently transforms his character's despair, fear, anger, hope, desperation, sadness, and every emotion in between to the big screen from that confined tiny space where he can hardly move.

And, the extremely captivating story unfolds without any other location nor any other character's appearance on the screen.

Ryan Reynolds plays Paul Conroy in Buried

You might ponder about a few logistic details after you walk out of the theater and when you reflect on the experience of being buried. However, the film will draw all your attention during the screening and you will not have time to allow your thought to drift away.

"Buried" is a solid filmmaking with an Oscar-worthy performance by Ryan Reynolds, nothing less.

"Buried" opens on Friday, September 24, 2010 at Bay Area theaters.

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