Friday, September 23, 2011


Killer Elite

Killer Elite A typical summer blockbuster in action thriller genre almost certain to contain the following ingredients: exciting explosions, never ending gunfire, spectacular car chase, bravely jumping off roof tops without dying, and brutally beating the crap out of some tough looking guys, from some equally tough looking guys. Director Gary McKendry's feature directorial debut "Killer Elite" (USA 2011 | 105 min.) has them all. Luckily, the film is executed well enough to keep you captivated and entertained.

Adopted from Ranulph Fiennes's novel, which is claimed to be based on a true story, the film's plot is like a Russian doll, it keeps revealing a conspiracy underneath a story you are just told, until you lost track of the number of layers. Then you just give up but simply watch those tough guys carrying out each assassination.

Retired hit-man Danny (Jason Statham) finds out that his buddy Hunter (Robert De Niro) is held hostage in Omen by an oil mogul—sheik Amr (Rodney Afif) who is on his deathbed. In order to free Hunter, Danny must meet Amr's demand to take revenge for his three dead sons, killed by British Special Air Service (SAS). Danny has no choice but to form a small assassination team called "The Clinic" to hunt down three SAS agents who are protected by Spike (Clive Owen), an intelligent agent who is the head of a secret military society. Bloodshed is just the beginning of a twisted chain of events.

Jason Statham in Killer Elite

There may have reasons for a dying sheik in the far East hand-picks Danny to fulfill his vengeance, but you probably will not get them from this film. In fact, the added twisted relationship among these British lads is like those embedded confusing dreams in "Inception"—they are never meant to be clear. However, what will keep your attention away from pondering these details are the non-stop carefully crafted actions. They are thrilling even not necessarily original. These actions might get laughed at by a real Navy SEAL, but they almost surely entertain the audience.

You will walk away from this film with almost nothing that stimulates your brain cells, but you will get what you expect—a typical action thriller that you might crave once awhile, even you know what it looks and tastes like.

"Killer Elite," an Open Road Films release, opens on Friday, September 23, 2011 at Bay Area theaters.

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