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Taiwan Film Days

While Xinhai Revolution (辛亥革命) is commemorated for its centennial anniversary, Taiwan Film Days returns to the Bay Area for its 3rd year, Oct. 14-16, 2011 at San Francisco Film Society (SFFS) | New People Cinema, the new home for SFFS' year around programming.

This year's Taiwan Film Days presents six narrative features and two documentaries, most of them were shown at the 13th Taipei Film Festival earlier this year.

  • Formosa Mambo
    寶島漫波 | Taiwan 2011 | in Chinese | 96 min. | dir. Wang Chi-tsai 王啟在

    "Formosa Mambo" is a comedy about a few unfortunate characters. It tells a kidnapping story that goes wrong at just about every turn, and portraits both the criminals and the victims sympathetically.

    This is the opening night film for this year's Taiwan Film Days, followed by the opening night party.

    A scene from FORMOSA MAMBO

    Showtime: Friday, October 14, 7:00 pm at SFFS | New People Cinema.

  • Taivalu
    沉沒之島 | Taiwan 2011 | in Chinese | 80 min. | dir. Huang Hsinyao 黃信堯

    When the sea level rises due to global warming, an island nation Tuvalu, the fourth smallest country in the world, will be the first to disappear into the ocean. Will Taiwan be the next? Award winning documentary "Taivalu" investigates the harsh reality and compares Taiwan to Tuvalu.

    A scene from the documentary TAIVALU

    Showtime: Saturday, October 15, 1:30 pm at SFFS | New People Cinema.

  • Pinoy Sunday
    台北星期天 | Taiwan/Philippines/Japan/France 2009 | in Tagalog/Chinese | 100 min. | dir. Ho Wi-ding 何蔚庭

    "Pinoy Sunday" is a comedy about two Filipino workers in Taipei who are trying to bring an abandoned couch back to their dorm on their only day off during each week—Sunday.

    A scene from the comedy PINOY SUNDAY

    Showtime: Saturday, October 15, 4:00 pm and Sunday, October 16, 7:00 pm at SFFS | New People Cinema.

  • You Are the Apple of My Eye
    那些年,我們一起追的女孩 | Taiwan 2011 | in Chinese | 110 min. | dir. Giddens Ko 九把刀

    Freshly nominated for four Golden Horse Awards, "You Are the Apple of My Eye" is a charming comedy that tells a coming-of-age story about tender love and innocent friendship among a group of high school classmates. This film makes you fall in love with Taiwan even if it does not bring you to go back to high school. A must-see.

    Ke Zhendong in You Are the Apple of My Eye

    Showtime: Friday, October 14, 4:30 pm and Saturday, October 15, 6:00 pm at SFFS | New People Cinema.

  • Honey Pupu
    消失打看 | Taiwan 2011 | in Chinese | 102 min. | dir. Chen Hung-i 陈宏一

    How are people's lives connected in this Facebook era? "Honey Pupu" unfolds a tale that a young woman's search for her missing boyfriend, through social networking.

    A scene from HONEY PUPU

    Showtime: Saturday, October 15, 9:00 pm at SFFS | New People Cinema.

  • The Coming of Tulku
    化城再來人 | Taiwan 2011 | in Chinese | 165 min. | dir. Cheng Tsun-shing 陳傳興

    "The Coming of Tulku" is a slow-paced documentary about the life of a legendary 90-year-old poet Chou Meng-tieh (周夢蝶).

    Chou Meng-tieh in The Coming of Tulku

    Showtime: Sunday, October 16, 1:00 pm at SFFS | New People Cinema.

  • Bear It
    熊熊爱上你 | Taiwan 2011 | in Chinese | 104 min. | dir. Cheng Fen-fen 鄭芬芬

    "Bear It" is a comedy about a tour guide who encounters with other unexpected characters when he tries to replace the teddy bears he loses to a car accident.

    A scene from the comedy BEAR IT

    Showtime: Sunday, October 16, 4:15 pm at SFFS | New People Cinema.

  • Ranger
    歸‧途 | Taiwan 2010 | 80 min. | dir. Chienn Hsiang 錢翔

    "Ranger" tells a story about a newly released ex-con unexpectedly becomes the guardian of an abused child, and struggles to break the cycle of violence.

    A scene from the drama RANGER

    Showtime: Sunday, October 16, 9:00 pm at SFFS | New People Cinema.

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